Ryan Daniel Page 429 Charles Street, Providence, RI

Skills: Kyma, Max MSP, Super Collider, Pure Data, Wwise, VCV Rack Development, Python, Reaper, Pro-Tools, Logic Pro X, Adobe Audition, Izotope Suite, Avid, Final Cut Pro, Arduino, Teensy and Daisy microcontroller programming, DSP design, UI design, Linux, Windows and MacOS operating systems.


2015-Present  Film and Digital Media (Ph.D.) University of California, Santa Cruz 

2011-2013      Electronic Music and Recording Media (MFA) Mills College

2007-2011      New Media (BA) University of Maine

Work Experience:

2015-2020      University of California, Santa Cruz – Teaching Assistant/Lecturer: Developed and taught Film 171A Sound Workshop, ran discussion sections and graded twelve courses.

2018               Electronics Arts/Maxis – Audio Artist: Mixed and mastered dialogue, as well as engineered recording sessions for The Sims 4: Get Famous expansion pack.            

2014-2015      California Academy of Sciences – Exhibits Engineering Technician:                                              Programming and electronics construction for new exhibits. Maintenance and                             repair of existing audio/visual systems.

2013-2014      Keith McMillen Instruments – Engineering Technician/Product TechnicianConstructed and tested prototypes for KMI instruments, including the creation of DSP and control software in Max/MSP. 


2020   Polymaths. Oversaw the production of a suite of four modules in the VCV Rack format, from conception to release. Managed a small team of designers and programmers. Created in collaboration with David Kant and Mustafa Walker.

2018   HarmSpat. Collaboration with artist Greg Sullo. Developed a vocoder/resynthesizer for distributing sounds in a 32-channel sound-sculpture. Sounds are analyzed, resynthesized and sent to speakers mapped to a predefined portion of the audio spectrum. Band-pass filters can be tuned in real time for non-linear spatialization. Written in Max 8.

2017    Telharfauxnium. Designed and coded a free, open-source alternate firmware for the                 Music Thing Modular Radio Music eurorack synthesizer module. Firmware shown by    the manufacturer at SuperBooth17 in Germany and distributed with the original                         firmware bundle.

2012   The Perilous Night.  Created a midi-controlled prepared piano emulation for Grammy Award-winning pianist Paul Sullivan used in the performance of John Cage’s The Perilous Night

Published Writing:

2019   Daisy Bell – Artist statement/composition published in Refract Media Journal

2018   Fertility Rite – Short story published in The Weird Fiction Review #9 from Centipede Press. Edited by S.T. Joshi.

2018   A Silent Trembling: Digital Aesthetics and Dither – Presented at UCHRI Symposium on War, Security and Digital Media.

2013   Notes on Douglas Kahn’s Mainframe Experimentalism – Letter to the editor published by the MIT Press in the quarterly Computer Music Journal.

Installation/Gallery Shows:

2019   Earth Suit. Designed conductive thread VLF antenna, created sensor monitoring system in Python for embedded Raspberry Pi in smart-fabric installation. 

2017   Echophone. Designed four computer-controlled radio stations for Sound Artist Anna Friz’s contribution to the Museum of Art and Design’s Sonic Arcade Exhibition

2014   Shifting Walls installed at Central Maine Art Gallery.  Generative spatial audio installation.

2012   Nancarrow Percussion Orchestra. Created a composition for sound artist Trimpin’s exhibit at the Berkeley Art Museum. Assisted building the exhibit.

2011   Etude for 9 Kinetic Sound Objects. Installed at University of Maine, Orono.

2009   MCRCSM. Co-created this interactive multimedia installation and designed the 16-channel audio system in Max MSP.


2019    Florence French Fellowship

2018    Florence French Fellowship

2017    Santa Cruz Arts Council Grant for Ctrl-Z’s “Call for Scores/Fall Program Series.”

2017   Florence French Fellowship

2017   Awesome Foundation Grant for “Reviving Lou Harrison’s Lost Electronic Music.”

2016   Florence French Fellowship

2013    Frog Peak Collective Experimental Music Award.

2011    Undergraduate thesis Etude for 9 Kinetic Sound Objects awarded “Highest Honors”.

2010    Phi Beta Kappa

Teaching Experience:

University of California, Santa Cruz. Teaching Assistant, Lecturer: Led discussion sections, evaluated student work, and ran live A/V for ten courses.


2019   Sound Workshop

Teaching Assistant:

2020   Intro to Digital Media

2019   Intro to Film Production

2019   Video Games as Visual Culture

2018   Intro to Television Studies

2018   Silent Cinema

2017   Sound, Technology, Culture

2017   Intro to Film Studies 

2017   Intro to Television Studies

2017   Silent Cinema

2016   Intro to Film Studies

2016   Intro to Television Studies

2016   Film Theory

2015   Intro to Film Studies

Mills College: Center for Contemporary Music. Teaching Assistant. Assisted composer John Bischoff in teaching advanced digital synthesis in Max/MSP programming language, provided technical assistance to students and visiting musicians.

Teaching Assistant:

2013    Seminar in Electronic Music Performance

Lab Assistant:

2013   Center for Contemporary Music 

2012   Prieto Multimedia Lab

2011   Prieto Multimedia Lab


2020    Repairer of Reputations. The Burning Pyramid. Self-Published.

2020    Repairer of Reputations. Millvale ’02. Self-Published.

2020    Repairer of Reputations. Burning Shadows. Self-Published.

2019   Repairer of Reputations. Innsport ‘86 Self-published.

2018    The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast. Strange Eons. Witch House Media.

2018   Repairer of Reputations. The Night Ocean. Self-published.

2018   Various Artists. The Essential Indexical. Indexical Recordings.

2017    Ctrl-Z. Ctrl-Z. Cassette LP. Full Spectrum Records.

2017    Various Artists. Cutty Strangers. Digital LP. Cutty Strange Records.

2017    Ryan Page. Euroserge. Digital LP. Cutty Strange Records.

2017   Ryan Page. A Place To Be. Video-Game Soundtrack.

2017    Slavestate 641A. Narcissist. Cassette Single. Cutty Strange Records.

2016   Heroic Quartet/Pink Gaze. Sextet. Cassette Album. Self Help Tapes.

2016   Ryan Page/Daniel Steffey. Automatic Typing/Terminal Beach. Cutty Strange Records.

2015    Night Worship. Degrading and Everlasting the Same. Cassette LP. Black Horizons.

2015    Ctrl-Z. Live at Grey Area. Full Length Digital Album.  Self-published.

2015    Ctrl-Z. Live at Omni Commons. Self-published.

2014    Body Hammer II: The Mechanism of Night. Compact disk. The Path Less Traveled                     Records.

2014    Abrasax. Demo. Cassette LP. Vestige Recordings.

2013   Various Artists. Monomaniac. 7” vinyl EP. Blastbeat Mailorder.

2013   Various Artists. Signal Flow Compilation. Self-Published.

2013    Slavestate 641A. Masochist. Cassette single. Laugh Now Records.

2012   Nate Aldrich. Dirigo Mix. Digital Release. Ear to the Earth.

2012    Robocop. Dead Language, Foreign Bodies.12” vinyl LP. Give Praise Records.

2009    Body Hammer. Jigoku. Compact disk. The Path Less Traveled Records.

Selected Performances:

2020   Repairer of Reputations. Indexical Twitch Channel, Online Performance

2018   Repairer of Reputations. Digital Arts Research Center, Santa Cruz, CA

2018   Repairer of Reputations. Radius Gallery. Santa Cruz, CA

2017   Ctrl-Z. Songlines Series. Mills College. Oakland, CA

2017   Ctrl-Z. The Luggage Store Gallery. San Francisco, CA

2017   Ctrl-Z. CNMAT. Stanford University. Stanford, CA   

2017   Ctrl-Z. The Jazz Gallery. Manhattan, NY

2016   Ctrl-Z. ODC Theatre. San Francisco, CA

2016   Ctrl-Z. Center For New Music. San Francisco, CA

2016   Ctrl-Z. Grey Area. San Francisco, CA

2016   W/Laetitia Sonami. Center For New Music. San Francisco, CA

2013   W/Rhys Chatham. Craneway Pavilion. Richmond, CA

2013   W/David Behrman. Littlefield Concert Hall. Mills College. Oakland, CA

2012   W/Alvin Lucier. Littlefield Concert Hall. Mills College. Oakland, CA

2011   W/Ikue Mori. Littlefield Concert Hall. Mills College. Oakland, CA