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  • Patches for Prophet 12/Hyrdasynth

    I have been busy lately preparing my dissertation, but I found time recently to document my some of the patches I created for the Prophet 12 and the Ashun Sound Machines Hydrasynth. See below:

  • Dynamic Mp3 Compression

    I created a small system to dynamically generate the kinds of artifact you used to hear on bad Mp3s or streaming services. I have been writing about this in my dissertation (specifically the brilliant Lossy plugin from Goodthertz). One of the basic things that I am trying to demonstrate in my writing/research is how different…

  • State Matrix

    Here are a few images of the State Matrix as we continue with prototyping it. More images and videos to come:

  • First post/December Activity

    After having this site up for a few years, I decided to add a blog component, primarily as a means of documenting artistic/intellectual activity without having to simply dump it in a database of images and sound, but also hopefully as a means of providing insights for other electronic artists/musicians. If you are interested in…