“Page performs work where visuals and sounds are inseparable… The eeriest thing, nonetheless, is just how period-perfect are the synth-score cues that Page performs to accompany the footage” Marc Weidenbaum, The Wire

“If you’re like me and download the hundreds of Free VCV Rack and never spend a dime on them, I recommend this be your first purchase” Benn Jordan

“The ease with which Page crafts so diverse a range of sounds and themes into something resembling a cohesive whole is striking, effortlessly moving from disconcerting noise to haunted melodies and back again…” Regen Magazine

“…Body Hammer tear through cybergrind…” – Pitchfork

“Insufferable” – San Francisco Chronicle

“Unforgiving” – Dancetabs

Body Hammer is gnawing away at the edge of sound, allowing structure to sift into a noisy substrate of feedback and warped field recordings. Truly unique and disturbing.” – AMG

“This is a descent into madness.” – Invisible Oranges

“Take opener “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Remix” by Ryan Page. It’s not a grindcore song. It’s a slowed down, distorted remix of the Bing Crosby version. And you know what? It’s a helluva opener. It opens up the compilation to creepiness and chaos.” – Metal Injection

“It provides a sensation of being on the edge of dreaming, or, and I mean this in the best of ways, a sensation of slowly drowning as you struggle to keep your head above the water.” – Cvlt Nation

“[F]or someone so young, Page has married both an impressive musical focus to legitimately engrossing artistic conceits to unleash an unsettling foray through the decaying mounds of castoffs that capstone our planned obsolescence society.” –  Grind and Punishment

“The noisegrind three-piece from Maine were a powerfully violent force who used a triple-vocal assault to pretty much fuck you up and run, as their few years of output stopped after a wonderful split 2012 split with Detroit. ” – Shane Mehling, Decibel Magazine

“…electronic waves of suffering…” – Grind and Punishment

“Participating in their own way are the brilliant musicians of Ctrl-Z: Ryan Page, Daniel Steffey and Nick Wang. They created a ‘narrative’ of modules that literally made the house vibrate.” – Culture Vulture

“‘Masochist’ is an arty, pummeling blend of Noise, Doom and Noise Rock, crushed into a single form through sheer aggression and repetition. This record is genuinely punishing; bass rumbles lacerate in strange, angular forms, ropey screaming vocal recorded underwater, Noise [and] dissonance enveloping the entire experience.” – Gonzo Karaoke

“Evolution, my friends, manifested here in the form of fourteen minutes of painful dirge with anguished shouts.” – Terminal Escape

Masochist is unrelenting in its repetitive slow motion negativity. It just wears you down through sheer heft and indifference that take the most antagonistic output of artists like Swans and Godflesh as a starting point then beats them into submission.” – Grind and Punishment

“a strong showing for each band as well as modern grind in general.” – Scene Point Blank

“This one is a must hear.” – Grind and Punishment

“‘Robocop II’ by ROBOCOP has been easily the GK most downloaded and heralded release to date.” – Jay Randall (Isis/Agoraphobic Nosebleed), Terrorizer interview

“These guys are really weird. The best in this batch, in my hunble opinion. More of the PV vein, tons of really fucking slow parts, frantic blastbeats, and tons and tons of noise, feedback, and samples. Im gonna go out on a limb here and give these guys the best use of the sampler in 2011 award.” – Blast Beat Worship

“Maine trio Robocop’s 2011 full-length Robocop IIis easily one of the best releases on Grindcore Karaoke to date.”

“This band is on J. Randall’s Grindcore Karaoke imprint, and they’re far away the best band on this list.” – Metal Sucks

“So far, Robocop is my personal favourite, I haven’t heard a powerviolence record this interesting in a long time and I think it’s electronic/cybergrind influences that really make the record.” – HBIH


“Only death is real” Blood and Spirit

“Most pieces like Carbonell’s are pre-recorded and will be played back on the underwater speaker at the concert. But two of the pieces will be performed live. Using the underwater speaker and a poolside speaker, graduate student Ryan Page will shift the sound above water and below it to create a two-part experience for listeners.” City On A Hill Press

“American powerviolence trio Robocop have been turning heads with their hostile and innovative sound that references d-beat punk, doom, power electronics, thrash and noise as much as it does Man Is The Bastard, and so far the band have made all their releases available for free download. After a short hiatus back in July of last year, Robocop are back in action with a furious new split with Canadian hardcore marauders Detroit, so M3 caught up with guitarist/vocalist Ryan Page to talk free music, the pros and cons of digital distribution and the fallout from the SOPA debacle…” – M3 Conference

“one of the year’s best releases” – Gonzo Karaoke