The result of hundreds of hours of labor, this 27 voice recording of IX is the product of seven years of research into simulation, mediation and chaos. It is inspired by composers such as Iannis Xenakis and David Dunn.

This piece is comprised 27 discrete 83 minute recordings of an analog/digital synthesis system I designed to recursively alter the spectra of a signal using the envelope follower outputs from a filterbank. The harmonic oscillator that produces the initial signal is quantized, but only to itself, for this reason, there are distinctly musical passages that fall away into complexity.

The mixing of recordings was automated using the outputs of a low frequency chaotic oscillator I designed in collaboration with machine-learning researcher David Kant. This was applied again for every multiple of three clusters, so that there were long-form phase relationships between the amplitude of similar sounds that cascades on multiple timescales.


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