Phi Beta Kappa Scholarship/New Release with David Dunn

I just wanted to share some news from recent weeks:

On Monday I found out that I was one of ten scholars selected for the Phi Beta Kappa Northern California Scholarship. The award comes with $10,000 that will be used to support the completion of my dissertation, which I will defend exactly a month from today. It means a lot to have this recognition of my work as I approach the culmination of seven years of research.

On an unrelated, but similarly exciting note, David Dunn has released a collections of field recordings made at Horseshoe Lake in northern California with David Kant, Matthew Mitchell, Greg Sullo and your’s truly. These were made a few months before Sadia was born, and I remember hanging out in David’s lab figuring out logistics (like how to send time code to synchronize multiple ambisonic field recorders up to a mile apart over radio). This research group also created a paper derived from our experiences, which is still in pre-publication.

You can listen to the recordings (which are binaural, so please use headphones for the full experience) here:

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