Mirage: Two New Albums

This project started in 2019. All of the non-vocal elements were recorded over a weekend. I wasn’t planning on making an album, or anything really, but thankfully I was recording, because as soon as I heard it I had this vision that emerged fully-formed. It was sort of annoying because I had two other albums to finish. 

I thought about some of the weird VHS I had seen from/about cults, new age cassettes I had fished out of piles of junk at thrift stores, the iconography of a certain religion created by a sci-fi author that remains popular in Hollywood, the bizarre mainstreaming of astrology, the turn to weird fake medicine, modern “psychadelic films” like Beyond the Black Rainbow and Mandy and the repurposing of a particular late 1970s aesthetic. Somehow it led me to the idea of finding a special cassette created for the purpose of brainwashing: An album where the mood slowly shifts from new age to nightmare. 

Also available as an instrumental album–released simultaneously. 

And yes, that is a photo of me at Orgonon last year, in front of a cloudbuster.

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