Shows, Videos and 5.1 Render of IX

The past few months have been really productive and busy. There’s a new project that I can’t talk about right now, but also a lot of other material that I can share. In addition to this (and my day job teaching at Berklee), I have put together a set of new material, which I have been performing at a few concerts. Last week I performed at New England Synth Fest, which is quickly turning into one of the best local events for anything synthesis related, and at Mayday. Regarding the latter, I was very excited to share the stage with Ryan Campos and Ether Chroma again, and especially enjoyed seeing Michael Bierylo (aka my boss) play for the first time. I find the talent I am surrounded by consistently surprising. At NESF I was completely blown away by SOAK, who I later discovered is a student in the department I teach in. As much as I have been banging my head against the brick wall that is the octatrack for the past year, it was fantastic to see someone who has fully mastered the instrument. I was also very pleased with how my set turned out, visually and otherwise. There were even a few visits from my four year old daughter in the middle (check the video, it’s cute). I am grateful to have the footage, it’s probably the best documentation of a RoR live performance.

Speaking of performances and being thankful, Lee Gilboa has put together an incredible multichannel concert tomorrow. I am premiering a new version of IX that I rerendered for multichannel, this concert will be in 10.2

Speaking of which, here’s a 5.1 fold down of that piece, because apparently youtube is now capable of that (welcome to the futuristic world of 1993!):

Oh, and I did a video recording of that Mackie mixer that I turned into an organ a few months back:

Look for updates in a few weeks for a series of max4live objects I’ve been messing with.

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