• New Presets for the Prophet 12

    I had a few moments of free time for the first time in a while, so in preparation for the shows I have lined up in the summer/fall I started making some new presets for the Prophet 12, which is my primary touring machine. These were recorded straight into my interface and bounced without effects. […]

  • First Live Shows Since Covid

    After a 2 year (!) hiatus, I will be returning to live shows with Repairer of Reputations East Coast debut this Friday at Mayday in Providence, RI. Next month I’m filling out a line-up of dark synth music at Bar Freda in Queens. Details below.

  • Phi Beta Kappa Scholarship/New Release with David Dunn

    I just wanted to share some news from recent weeks: On Monday I found out that I was one of ten scholars selected for the Phi Beta Kappa Northern California Scholarship. The award comes with $10,000 that will be used to support the completion of my dissertation, which I will defend exactly a month from […]

  • IX

    The result of hundreds of hours of labor, this 27 voice recording of IX is the product of seven years of research into simulation, mediation and chaos. It is inspired by composers such as Iannis Xenakis and David Dunn. This piece is comprised 27 discrete 83 minute recordings of an analog/digital synthesis system I designed […]

  • Patches for Prophet 12/Hyrdasynth

    I have been busy lately preparing my dissertation, but I found time recently to document my some of the patches I created for the Prophet 12 and the Ashun Sound Machines Hydrasynth. See below:

  • Dynamic Mp3 Compression

    I created a small system to dynamically generate the kinds of artifact you used to hear on bad Mp3s or streaming services. I have been writing about this in my dissertation (specifically the brilliant Lossy plugin from Goodthertz). One of the basic things that I am trying to demonstrate in my writing/research is how different […]

  • State Matrix

    Here are a few images of the State Matrix as we continue with prototyping it. More images and videos to come:

  • First post/December Activity

    After having this site up for a few years, I decided to add a blog component, primarily as a means of documenting artistic/intellectual activity without having to simply dump it in a database of images and sound, but also hopefully as a means of providing insights for other electronic artists/musicians. If you are interested in […]