Tour Announcement/New Live Album

I’m excited to announce that I will be taking part in a mini tour this fall, with my friends Dysonant, Ben The Glorious Bastard, and Crew Called Self. We’re playing Pittsburgh, Columbus and Cleveland (more info below). This is my first tour since 2016. Parenthood and Ph.D. duties made it very difficult until recently. I hope to see folks out there, I will be debuting a lot of new material.

I other news I have a new live album out today:

This is a set from one of my first shows, post-pandemic. The art is from the “ai” image software Dall-E 2, when given the prompt: Cyberpunk City Drawn By Francis Bacon

As you can see, the software is not really up to snuff just yet.

The music is a mix, some “older” stuff from Millvale, even a version of the sequence from The Plain of Silence from The Night Ocean, some recent stuff like Black Jackal from my Twin Peaks set and brand new, as of yet unreleased material.

I have a lot more in the pipeline right now, but I did want to get this out, because I’m not sure if/when this material will be release elsewhere, and I think this was a strong set overall.

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